Here are some things to consider doing. Some items may not be applicable to you.

  • Be aware that some people may be so obsessed with establishing a relationship that they will seek/accept a negative relationship

To prevent being stalked:

As soon as you decide you don’t want a relationship with someone:

  • Tell that person explicitly:

    • You’re not interested in a relationship with that person
    • You’re not going to change your mind
    • You don’t want them to contact you
  • Don’t compliment that person may give that person false hope of a relationship

  • Don’t be afraid to be rude, if necessary you’re unlikely to turn a nice person into a stalker but you might turn a bad person into a stalker by unintentionally giving them hope

  • Don’t talk to that person again

  • Don’t let that person become involved in your life (e.g., get into your residence) by:

    • Giving you a little insult which you could repair, e.g., you feel you’re too good for that person
    • Acting more like your friend and less like a stranger
    • Making you feel like you share circumstances with that person
    • Putting the responsibility on you to take action later to cancel a date, etc.

If other actions don’t prevent a person from stalking you:

  • Consider seeking a temporary restraining order seems to only be effective in approx. 2/3 of cases


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