Here are some things to consider doing. Some items may not be applicable to you.

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A good relationship probably needs several positive experiences for every negative one

  • Learn to listen
  • Think before you speak
  • Work as a team
  • Learn to negotiate

If your spouse/partner stays at home, e.g., to take care of kids:

  • Regularly express your appreciation for the job he/she does

Before getting into a romantic relationship:

  • Ensure you both share:

    • Similar basic values and beliefs, e.g., parenting, religious
    • Desire to have or not have children
  • Determine if you are genuinely fond of that person

If you’re already in a romantic relationship:

  • Use a nickname for your partner
  • Avoid criticizing or blaming your partner
  • Divide household and parenting responsibilities as equally as feasible


  • Spend satisfying time together
  • Make a date at least once a week for just the two of you to do something fun
  • Physical interaction, e.g., hugs
  • Express interest in the things your partner is doing and is interested in
  • Praise things your partner does, especially things you would like for him/her to do regularly
  • Express your affection for your partner often, especially when he/she is behaving in a manner you find attractive

If conflicts arise:

  • Agree on a time to talk, then take turns talking
  • Stick to current issues, not the past
  • Control yourself, not your partner
  • If it gets too emotional and/or intense, separate and come together after you’ve both cooled down
  • Don’t use shame or blame


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