Here are some things to consider doing. Some items may not be applicable to you.


Well before:

  • Offer to help organize and/or to bring items
  • Consider taking the herb echinacea – to possibly prevent catching a cold, etc. from the people, especially children, you’re visiting

If you think you might drink alcohol at the event:

  • Make arrangements so you won’t be tempted to drive after drinking alcohol, e.g.:
    • Ride with someone else
    • Take a taxi
    • Spend the night at the event site
  • Plan to depart for the event in plenty of time to allow for unforeseen last-minute problems:
    • Trouble finding items you need to take with you
    • Heavy traffic, perhaps due to an accident, road construction or event along your route
    • Extra time required to buy tickets
    • Extra time to buy food, program
    • Extra time to use rest room

At least one day prior:

  • Check weather forecast to determine whether to bring umbrellas, coats, etc.

Before leaving for event:

  • Check weather forecast to determine whether to bring umbrellas, coats, etc


Well before:

  • Set up meeting of people who will be involved and/or helping
  • Determine date, and, start and end times, after you determine and consider the impact of:
    • Traffic e.g., caused by other events, normal daily heavy traffic
    • Popular events which might conflict, e.g.:
    • Major league sports playoffs, e.g., Super Bowl, NBA, baseball
    • Local sporting events
    • When sprinklers come on (make arrangements to have schedule changed, if feasible)
    • When maintenance is done, e.g., mowing grass (make arrangements to have schedule changed, if feasible)
  • Take steps to keep attendees from driving after drinking alcohol, e.g.:
    • Encourage designated drivers
    • Arrange for taxi’s, etc.
    • Offer to drive attendees home
    • Invite attendees to spend the night at the party location
  • Designate a location for missing children
  • Determine if music should be played:
    • Type
    • Volume
  • Determine appropriate attire
  • Determine when events will occur, e.g.:
    • Food served
    • Awards presented
    • Games
  • Determine if pictures should be taken, e.g., to submit to local newspaper(s)
  • Determine items need to obtain
  • Assign responsibilities to people

Right after:

  • Check the area for trash, damage, articles left behind, etc.

Shortly after:

  • Submit pictures and story to local newspaper(s)


Thanks for reading!