Here are some things to consider doing. Some items may not be applicable to you.

  • Be aware that you are especially susceptible to alcoholism due to
    • Possible significant life changes e.g., death of spouse
    • Possible lack of events (e.g., going to work) that you need to be sober for
    • Possible lack of a support system
  • Use caution in use of alcohol with medications
  • Remove throw rugs (trip hazard)
  • Check electrical cords:
    • Ensure they aren’t a trip hazard
    • Not too many things connected to extension cords — fire hazard
  • Check phone extension cords
    • Ensure they aren’t a trip hazard
    • Consider having additional phone jack installed to prevent having to use extension cord too much
  • Obtain a phone which:
    • Has large numbers
    • Has one-button dialing for police, fire, etc.
    • Is programmable for other numbers
  • Clean out medicine cabinet (remove old medication, leave only important ones)
  • Keep a rubber mat available for the bathtub/shower
  • Consider having a ramp (permanent or temporary) ramp installed leading to an entrance to your home
  • Throw out old food in kitchen
  • Take things off high shelf so there won’t be a temptation to reach too much
  • Use a clear mug with a handle which won’t tip over easily (instead of a cup and saucer which can be tipped over easily and then reaching for the falling cup could cause a fall)
  • Use non-breakable dishes, etc.
  • Check batteries in fire alarms, smoke detectors, etc.
  • Ensure flashlights are readily available and operational, with extra batteries available
  • Consider taking the herb ginkgo to improve blood circulation
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Thanks for reading!