Yard Sales

Here are some things to consider doing. Some items may not be applicable to you.

(or garage, estate, etc.)

Well before sale:

  • Notify your neighbors so they can participate and/or be prepared for the traffic and noise
  • Encourage neighbors to participate – it’s nice to have help and company during the sale
  • Make signs (include times, day of week, date, location)

Before sale:

  • Ensure you have change (bills and coins)
  • Ensure you have bags to put items in when sold
  • Put price tags on most items
  • Arrange to have at least two people available to monitor the sale in case one needs to leave for a few minutes

Day before sale:

  • Put up signs in area

During sale:

  • Offer or sell drinks, e.g., coffee, lemonade, water
  • Offer or sell bagels, donuts, etc.

After sale:

  • Take down all signs


Thanks for reading!