Here are some things to consider doing. Some items may not be applicable to you.


Finding a lawyer:

  • Call 800 664-4435 for a free copy of the Consumer's Resource Handbook - lists all Better Business Bureau's, Consumer Affairs offices, Attorney General offices, etc. in the U.S. (published by the U.S. Office of Consumer Affairs)
  • Contact your local Consumer Affairs office for guidance on finding a lawyer
  • Determine which lawyers specialize in the area (e.g., personal injury, divorce) in which you need assistance
  • Go to your library and check the local (e.g., state) law journals for local lawyers who have been successful

Once you find a prospective lawyer:

  • Get references
  • Call the references
  • Generally, avoid lawyers who advertise, e.g., on TV
  • Negotiate a contingency fee agreement which ties the lawyer's fees to the results you are seeking (try to avoid paying an hourly fee) most lawyers will negotiate if you ask


  1. On October 30th, 2008, Josh F said:

    Also, there is a free legal aid society in most cities.

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