Here are some things to consider doing. Some items may not be applicable to you.

Before buying a gift:

  • Determine if the recipient has indicated preferences, e.g., through a registry at stores, with family or friends
  • Avoid buying a gift if it might:
    • Make the recipient feel too much in debt to you
    • Make others giving gifts feel their gifts are inadequate
    • Make others not receiving gifts (e.g., a sibling) feel left out

When giving:

  • Give the recipient the option of exchanging the gift, e.g., for a different size

Receiving gifts:

Before receiving gifts:

  • Tell those who are planning to give you gifts to not spend too much

    When opening:

  • Write down who gift is from and a description of the gift

After receiving:

  • Send or give a thank you note
  • Try to use the gift when the giver is around


Thanks for reading!