Here are some things to consider doing. Some items may not be applicable to you.

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  • Establish an emergency fund of liquid assets approx. equal to at least 3 months income
  • Consider using a credit union checking account vice one at a bank – credit unions usually cost you significantly less than banks
  • Save money automatically, e.g., deducted from your pay to go to savings (e.g., company retirement plan, mutual fund, brokerage account, credit union account, bank savings account)
  • Keep your finances as simple as feasible, e.g., reduce number of credit cards, accounts
  • Set up a simple record-keeping system which works for you
  • Plan for retirement daily… remember that:

    • Life expectancies are increasing
    • Employers have been cutting back on their retirement plans

  • Buy a residence (try to have mortgage paid off by the time you retire) – to take advantage of tax benefits
    • Ensure you have adequate insurance coverage
    • Live below your means
    • Establish your financial goals, e.g., buy a house, pay for college, be able to retire at a young age


  • Put a portion of your income into savings


  • Keep checks in safe place (so a criminal won’t be able to get your account #, create checks and write checks on your account)
  • Write as few checks as possible (so criminal won’t be able to get your account #, create checks and write checks on your account)
  • Draw line after the payee ‚Ä¢ so crooks can’t write in additional letters to make themselves the payee
  • Take outgoing mail with checks in them directly to the PO or a public mailbox, vice leaving in your mailbox
  • Check bank statements immediately for unauthorized checks
  • Consider having payments made automatically from your checking account (mortgage, car, estimated taxes, college savings, insurance, 401K, IRA, etc)
  • Ensure you keep sufficient funds in the account to cover automatic payments

If you notice unauthorized checks:

  • Notify bank immediately

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