Strength Training

Here are some things to consider doing. Some items may not be applicable to you.

  • See your doctor before starting a serious strength training program
  • Start with less strenuous (e.g., lighter weights) and build up slowly to prevent pulling a muscle, etc.
  • Push-ups:
    • As you go up, breathe out
    • As you go down, keep your stomach muscles tight
    • Don’t lock your elbows
    • As you get stronger, go lower and do more repetitions
  • Women:
    • Consider keeping your knees, instead of your feet, on the ground
  • Sit on edge of a chair, put hands on chair on both sides with fingers forward, slide your body forward then lower and raise your body


  • Sit on edge of a chair, with your back straight, with a light weight (2-5 lbs.) in each hand, start with arms straight down, lift up and away from your body to shoulder height, breathing out as you lift, then lower


Thanks for reading!