Here are some things to consider doing. Some items may not be applicable to you.

Difficulty sleeping:

If you’re having trouble falling asleep:

  • Ask doctor about melatonin – it seems to induce natural sleep pattern vice just drowsiness

If your child wakes up frequently during the night:

  • Try to determine if it is caused by stress or anxiety your child feels, e.g., about separation
  • Teach your child self-comforting techniques, e.g., thinking about pleasant things, holding teddy bear
  • Return your child to his/her own bed as soon as feasible, e.g., avoid letting him/her stay in your bed
  • Avoid using medication to help your child sleep – be aware of side effects

Too much sleep:

If you sleep excessively during the daytime:

  • Ask your doctor to check you for narcolepsy

If you suffer recurrent lapses into sleep:

  • Ask your doctor to check you for narcolepsy

For info on chemicals found in mattresses:

For apparently unbiased reviews of sleep-related products:


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