Here are some things to consider doing. Some items may not be applicable to you.


Well before running:

  • See a doctor to determine advisability of running

Items to take:

  • Key to house and/or vehicle
  • Pen and paper, and/or, tape recorder to record ideas which occur to you while running
  • Bar bells to help condition/strengthen your arm muscles to throw at a person or animal who attacks you
  • Carry a stick or other item to protect you against potential attackers (people and animals) carrying a stick, etc. will signal to others that you are prepared for an attack

Right before running:

  • Drink liquids
  • Try to use the bathroom
  • Do a light warm-up, e.g., walk briskly or run slowly
  • Stretch, especially thigh, calf and abdominal muscles, e.g.:
    • One at a time, while standing and keeping the upper leg parallel to the other leg, pull your heel up towards your buttocks
    • While standing, lean your upper torso to the front, back and each side
    • One at a time, while standing, place one foot behind you and lower the heel to the ground
    • While standing, spread your legs wide apart, then one at a time, bend one knee to lower yourself towards that foot and keep the other leg straight

While running:

  • For optimum aerobic exercise, maintain a pace at which you can still talk without too much trouble
  • If you are attacked:
  • Don't let attackers take you to a secondary crime scene they're more likely to kill or seriously hurt you and/or rape you if they can get you to a location of their choosing

After running:

  • Continue exercising lightly for a short period

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