Here are some things to consider doing. Some items may not be applicable to you.

Before dining at a restaurant:

  • Be aware that most restaurants serve fattier foods than you prepare at home because they usually:
    • Use more high fat ingredients
    • Use high-fat cooking methods
    • Give you large portions
  • Check for rating by local health board and/or certificate(s)

If you plan to eat food from a buffet/salad bar:

  • Be aware that buffets/salad bars may be more likely to give you food poisoning than ordering from the menu
  • Plan to eat soon after the buffet/salad bar is set up to reduce the amount of time bacteria has to develop on food to reduce the number of other customers who might come infect the food
  • Wash your hands

Before ordering:

  • Ask server which menu items:
    • Are healthiest
    • They recommend

If you intend to order a steak:

  • Consider ordering a Sirloin or Fillet Mignon less fatty than other steaks

After dining at a restaurant:

  • Leave a tip (15-20% of total bill) (unless the service was poor)


Thanks for reading!