Here are some things to consider doing. Some items may not be applicable to you.


  • Don't try illegal drugs
    • Illegal drugs have killed many people like you
    • Even though you may intend to just try it once and never again, you may be unable to resist the temptation
    • Less dangerous drugs can lead you to more dangerous drugs
    • Money paid for illegal drugs usually funds, eventually, gangs, cartels, etc.

Getting off drugs:

If you're addicted to an opiate drug (e.g., opium, heroin, codeine):

  • Ask your doctor about the possibility of going through detoxification using nalmathine (to push the drugs out of your body) and Revia (to help stay off the drugs) - only available to addicts in good physical health - is expensive - is somewhat risky


  • Approx. half of teenagers report being offered illegal drugs

To help keep your child from trying illegal drugs:

  • Instill in your child a desire to not disappoint you - fear of disappointing their parents is reported to be a major reason children don't use drugs
  • Start talking to your child at an early age about why he/she shouldn't try drugs
  • Tell your child that you expect him/her to never use illegal drugs
  • Be on the lookout for especially good opportunities to talk to your child about drugs, e.g., after viewing a situation on TV
  • Talk to the parents of children your child associates with:
    • Ask them how you can work together to keep your children away from drugs
    • Ensure they don't serve alcohol to the children


  • Talk to your child about why he/she shouldn't try drugs
  • Really listen to what your child has to say (look for indications that he/she is considering trying drugs)

If your child says that his/her friends are doing something that you're not letting him/her do (e.g., "everyone else does it"):

  • Tell your child that you will call the parents of those children

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