Here are some things to consider doing. Some items may not be applicable to you.


Preventing Alzheimer's:

If you're a woman past menopause:

  • Ask your doctor about taking estrogen replacement therapy and/or the herb rosemary - may reduce the risk of Alzheimer's

Treatment of Alzheimer's:

  • Watch for the following symptom:
    • Memory loss - usually the first sign
  • Ask your doctor about taking Vitamin E supplement - to slow the progress of the disease

Caring for patients:

  • Don't tell them that they're wrong
  • Contact the Alzheimer's Association, 800 272-3900


  1. On February 7th, 2009, lynn said:

    If caring for someone with Alzheimer’s leave simple clear notes around the house – ie a weekly planner of events.
    Have a large clock in the house and place next to it the day of the week and date.
    Put a white board in the living room and one in their bedroom. Write simple messages on the boards. For example, in their bedroom put something like’ Today is Friday, tomorrow when you wake it will be Saturday. Michelle is staying over and is in her old room. This enables the person with A to feel informed, in control and happy. Always treat the person with respect, and never lose your patience. Just as some people lose the ability to hear, we do not scream, but patiently write things down or make sure they can read our lips, people with A have lost the ability for short term memory, so learn to repeat and smile. Finally – talk about the past – people with A love to reminisce and you will both enjoy the bonding experience of clear thought in their memories.

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