Here are some things to consider doing. Some items may not be applicable to you.

If walking to get somewhere:

Going through a revolving door:

  • Keep your purse in front of you (so thief can’t grab purse after you’re already committed to going through)

If there’s a distraction, such as someone bumping into you or spilling something near you:

  • Check that your wallet, purse, etc. is still there

If you’re missing anything:

  • Yell β€œTHIEF!” at the person who caused the distraction

If you and others around you are not missing anything:

  • Consider telling the nearest authority (e.g., security, police) that you suspect that that person is a thief

If walking for exercise:

  • Carry a stick or other item to protect you against potential attackers (people and animals) carrying a stick, etc. will signal to others that you are prepared for an attack
  • Carry small bar bells to help strengthen/condition your arm muscles to throw at a person or animal who attacks you
  • Carry water (could carry bottle in each hand instead of bar bells) to drink and to throw at a person or animal who attacks you
  • For tips and walking partners, visit American Heart Association

If you are attacked:

  • Don’t let attackers take you to a secondary crime scene they’re more likely to kill or seriously hurt you and/or rape you if they can get you to a location of their choosing


Thanks for reading!