Here are some things to consider doing. Some items may not be applicable to you.

Well before:

  • See a doctor to determine advisability of participating
  • Research the sport:
    • Rules
    • Training techniques
    • Dangers and safety precautions

Right before:

  • Drink liquids
  • Try to use the bathroom
  • Stretch (especially thigh, calf and abdominal muscles)

If playing outdoors:

  • Determine if lightning monitors are installed


  • Check the lightning monitors

If you’re aware that there’s a lightning storm nearby:


  • Stay away from all metal objects
  • Avoid being under a tree
  • Get out of water
  • Avoid holding metal objects, e.g., baseball bats
  • Suspend play until at least 30 minutes after it appears the storm has passed most lightning strikes occur at the beginning or end of a storm
  • Go into a building or vehicle with windows rolled up

If there are no buildings or vehicles nearby:

  • Squat with feet together and hands over ears


Thanks for reading!