Here are some things to consider doing. Some items may not be applicable to you.


  • Play safe so that you and other players don’t get hurt – avoid running into or kicking other players
  • Have fun
  • Be a team player – soccer is a team sport so work hard to use your teammates, for instance, by passing to them when they are in a good position and/or you’re being pressured by an opponent
  • Try to improve all of your soccer skills by trying different positions and different techniques, and by listening to, and watching, other players and coaches
  • Play your best – soccer is a team sport and your teammates depend on you to do your best – enjoy the challenge of a well-played match

If one of your teammates has the ball:

If your teammate doesn’t have at least a couple of teammates she can pass to:

  • Move to a position where she might be able to pass to you, then call her name to let her know where you a re
  • Ensure you or one of your teammates is in a position to help defend in case the other team gets the ball from your teammate
  • Try to stay in your assigned portion of the field
  • Try to avoid getting too close to your teammates (don’t bunch up)
  • Keep track of where your teammates are (so you can pass to them if you get the ball) and where opposing players are (so that if you get the ball you can keep it away from them)

If you have the ball:

  • Quickly determine:
  • Where the closest opposing players are
  • How much time you have to do something before an opposing player might challenge you
  • Where teammates are to whom you might be able to pass the ball
  • Whether you should pass the ball or dribble

If you’re close to the goal you’re defending:

  • Quickly get the ball out to the side of the field (not across the center of the field), preferably to a teammate


  • Avoid kicking the ball with your toe – it’s not as accurate as using the inside of your foot
  • Try to pass the ball to a spo t your teammate is going to, or can run to


  • Mostly use your best foot, using the inside and outside of that foot (instead of trying to use both feet)

If the other team has the ball:

If none of your teammates is between the player with the ball and the goal you’re defending:

  • Try to get between the player with the ball and the goal

If none of your teammates is going to the player with the ball:

  • Go to the player with the ball and try to get the ball from her and/or put some pressure on her to make it hard for her to dribble, pass or shoot, but don’t let her get past you (consider running backwards)

If one of your teammates is going to the player with the ball:

  • Look for any opponents who might be able to receive a pass and shoot, then get try to get between that player and the goal and/or the player with the ball, and, be ready to intercept the ball if it is passed towards her


Thanks for reading!