Here are some things to consider doing. Some items may not be applicable to you.

Installing a playground:

  • Put in at least 6-12 inches of suitable ground cover (e.g., sand, bark) under and around the playground
  • Provide shade, especially over areas used the most, e.g., sand box

Before letting children use a playground:

  • Ensure the playground does not have:
    • Openings which could trap a child’s neck, e.g., openings of more than 3 inches between slats, etc. โ€šร„ยข children could squeeze their body through, then hang by their head which could be too large to fit through
    • Sharp edges
    • Hard ground under parts of equipment from which children could fall
    • Climbing surfaces or slides higher than 7 feet for most children
    • Loose hardware, e.g., nuts, bolts, chains
    • Hard swing seats
    • Nails not nailed down
    • Loose wood which could cause splinters
    • Hot metal surfaces, e.g., slides
  • Ensure the playground does have:
    • Soft ground, e.g., sand, bark, spongy material
    • Swings well clear of play areas and high traffic areas
    • Rubber or plastic tubing around swing chains to keep fingers from being cut or pinched
  • Warn children about any dangers on the playground

While supervising children on a playground:

  • Ensure children do not use equipment inappropriately, e.g., too many children on a swing


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