Here are some things to consider doing. Some items may not be applicable to you.


Well before:

  • Contact host/organizer to ask:
    • If there’s anything you can do to help
    • If there’s anything you can bring
    • Who else is expected to attend
  • Arrange to attend with a friend, especially if you’re a woman to help ensure no one harasses you or drugs your drink and assaults you

If you think you might drink alcohol at the party:

  • Make arrangements so you won’t be tempted to drive after drinking alcohol, e.g.:
    • Ride with someone else
    • Take a taxi
    • Spend the night at the party site

During party:

  • Watch your drink, especially if you’re a woman to ensure no one tries to drug you and then assault you
  • Ask host/organizer if there’s anything you can do to help

After party:

  • Send a thank you note to host/organizer


Well before:

  • Ensure the organizers and/or owners of the party location are covered by liability insurance
  • Take steps to keep attendees from driving after drinking alcohol, e.g.:
    • Encourage designated drivers
    • Arrange for taxi’s, etc.
    • Offer to drive attendees home
    • Invite attendees to spend the night at the party location
  • Make arrangements for smokers, e.g.:
    • Signs asking people to not smoke or to smoke outside
    • Place ash trays outside
  • Ensure capacities of decks, balconies, rooms, etc. will not be exceeded
  • Consider letting all invitees know who else has been invited – so they can arrange for carpools, etc.


  • Douse cigarette and cigar butts in the sink


Thanks for reading!