Jet Skis

Here are some things to consider doing. Some items may not be applicable to you.

Approx. 50 people are killed and 2,000 seriously injured in personal watercraft crashes each year in the U.S.
Even though personal watercraft make up only approx. 8% of all registered boats in the U.S., they’re involved in approx. half of the boating injuries
Many crashes involve children

Before riding on a jet ski, etc.:

  • Take a safety course
  • Check weather forecast
  • Check tides
  • Check chart(s) for water depths
  • Ensure operator:
    • Has taken a safety course
    • Is familiar with how to operate the craft, e.g., can it be steered even if not accelerating?
    • Has not consumed alcohol
  • Ensure craft is safe, e.g.:
    • Lights operational
    • Passed safety inspection(s)
    • Registered
    • Wear a life preserver
    • Be aware that in many areas, personal watercraft operators are not required to be qualified and/or take a course of instruction
    • Remember that you have almost no protection in the event you crash into a dock, another boat, etc.

While riding on a jet ski, etc.:

  • Constantly look around for other craft, obstacles, etc.
  • Don’t jump boat wakes close to other boats it’s difficult to see other boats which may be coming on the other side of the boat
  • Observe rules of the road
  • Regularly check for water leaking into craft


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