Amusement Parks

Here are some things to consider doing. Some items may not be applicable to you.

At least a few days before going:

  • Call park to:
    • Confirm hours of park and specific attractions and events
    • Determine whether the attractions you’re interested in are open

Before leaving home/hotel:

  • Wear clothes appropriate for rides, e.g.: no flip-flops


Before deciding to ride:

  • Be especially wary of rides at smaller amusement parks
  • Avoid rides which have been operating less than a year or so
  • Look for indications that the ride has been adequately maintained, e.g., no missing light bulbs
  • Ensure ride operators are attentive
  • Ensure long hair, arms, etc. won’t get caught on anything, e.g., motor
  • Review posted guidance for riders
  • Don’t talk your child into riding if they don’t want to — they might endanger themself during the ride

If things don’t seem quite right:

  • Don’t ride

While on rides:

  • Adhere to posted guidance, e.g.:
    • Don’t extend arms
    • Don’t bounce


Thanks for reading!