Letterman’s Super Bowl party checklist

Here are some things to consider doing. Some items may not be applicable to you.

I thoroughly enjoyed David Letterman’s presentation, on Friday, of his checklist for his Super Bowl party. He admits that he’s not exactly Martha Stewart. Here’s his checklist and the video of the segment:

  • Bring up folding chairs from the basement
  • Party ice
  • Learn how to turn on the TV
  • Hire a Rabbi
  • Clean the grotto
  • Get free supply of Tostitos by promoting Tostitos on the show
  • Buy weed for my special guacamole
  • Get the rabbit ears for the TV
  • Invite my parole officer
  • Invite the sound effects guy
  • Memorize Katy Perry lyrics for halftime sing-along
  • Practice not staring at Tom Brady’s eyes
  • Advise guests to show up so they don’t get fined
  • Ask my wife if she minds having a Super Bowl party
  • Overcome my fear of being around people
  • Cancel Super Bowl party



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