Here are some things to consider doing. Some items may not be applicable to you.

(e.g., to your residence)

Approx. one third of rapes occur in the victims’ own homes


If someone comes to your door:

  • Use peephole or window to see who it is
  • Never open your door to a stranger without confirming his/her identity and intentions
  • Beware of con artists and attackers
  • Don’t let someone in your house unless you’ve asked for them to come
  • Have delivery people leave flowers, etc. outside, then get them after they leave
  • For the following people, call their company (don’t use a phone number they give you) to confirm their identity and intentions
    • Gas company person
    • Water company person

If someone asks to use your phone:

  • Make the call for them

If you’re expecting someone from a company:

  • Ask for their identification

If you weren’t expecting someone from a company or utility:

  • Call the company or utility to confirm that they sent someone
  • Determine what kind of identification the person should have


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