Visiting Others

Here are some things to consider doing. Some items may not be applicable to you.

Well before visiting:

  • Contact those you will be visiting to determine:
    • Most convenient time for you to visit
    • Whether you can bring anything
    • Whether you can help with anything while you’re visiting
  • Consider taking a gift
  • Consider taking the herb echinacea to possibly prevent catching a cold, etc. from the people, especially children, you’re visiting

Right before visiting:

  • Call those you will be visiting to let them know you’re on your way
  • Take items you need to return to those you will be visiting

If your child will be visiting someone:

  • Remind your child:
    • To clean up any messes he/she makes

While visiting:

  • Look for indications that those you are visiting would like for you to leave

After visiting:

  • Send a thank you note

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