Here are some things to consider doing. Some items may not be applicable to you.

  • Don’t watch too much TV – it’s better to live your own life instead of watching others live theirs

If you have an analog television (e.g., with rabbit ears antenna):

  • By June 12, 2009 (earlier in some areas), in order receive digital television (DTV) signals either:
    • Buy a DTV converter box,
    • Buy a TV set with built-in digital tuner, or,
    • Subscribe to cable, satellite or other pay TV service

If you have children:

  • Buy VCR which only allows selecting a specific channel using the remote, which you can keep away from the children, then you can delete channels from those channels which they will be able to select by changing channels up or down
  • Consider controlling what your child watches on TV by:

    • Deleting certain channels on your TV or VCR (see your owner’s manual)
    • Asking your cable TV company to block certain channels
    • Ask your cable TV company for passwords to use when ordering pay-per-view programming

If you have a TV you want to dispose of:

  • Be aware that TV’s contain toxic materials
  • Don’t smash or break the TV
  • Don’t dispose of it at the curb
  • Ask the store where you bought a new TV if they will take the old one, perhaps for a small fee
  • Take it to a recycler – for recyclers who meet the highest standards of recycling, check e-Stewards – for other lists of recyclers near you, check EPA, Earth 911 and/or National Recycling Coalition


Thanks for reading!