Residence: Security

Here are some things to consider doing. Some items may not be applicable to you.

  • Install deadbolts on your doors
  • Ensure the strike plate for your deadbolts are reinforced
  • Trim and/or remove trees, bushes, etc. which could provide cover to a burglar trying to break in through one of your doors or windows
  • Install solid core, vice glass, doors
  • Ensure it’s difficult for a burglar to climb up to higher windows
  • Don’t keep a ladder unlocked outside burglar could use it
  • Get a dog which barks or an alarm which sounds like a barking dog
  • Don’t put your name on your mailbox crooks can use your name to get your phone number (phone book, directory assistance, etc.), then call to see if you answer (to see if you’re home), especially if there are indications that no one is home


  • Keep the door between the interior of your house and your garage locked ‚Ä¢ it’s possible for automatic garage door openers to be activated by others
  • Get to know your neighbors

If you notice suspicious people and/or vehicles:

  • Report them to the police (use a non-emergency phone number if appropriate)

If someone asks to use phone:

  • Tell them you’ll make the call

When working outside:

  • Keep front door locked

If you are taken in by a con artist:

  • Report it to police (even if you feel embarrassed about being taken in) ‚Ä¢ the police will work work with you to help stop them

If it sounds too good to be true:

  • It probably is
  • Watch out for high-pressure tactics where they try to intimidate you into a decision
  • Ask for credentials
  • Call the company, utility, organization, city, etc
  • Take the time to stop and think

If you are suspicious:

  • Call police if they’re con artists, they won’t stick around
  • Interrupt their momentum
  • Be especially careful after a death in the family con artists often check obituaries and strike soon after
  • Never trust a stranger
  • Don’t let them talk you into letting them into your home


Thanks for reading!