Here are some things to consider doing. Some items may not be applicable to you.


  • Check and replace hoses, pipes and fittings in your residence

Soon (before you need a plumber on short notice):

  • Find one or more plumbers you think you can trust (see ‚ÄúTo select a plumber‚Äù below)
  • Determine when the warranty expires

Finding a plumber:

  • Ask neighbors, etc. to recommend a plumber
  • Select potential plumbers from the yellow pages and learn the Causes Of Water Damage In Your Home
  • Call the local Better Business Bureau to see if a potential plumber has had any complaints filed against them
  • Call the potential plumber to determine:
    • When they’re available
    • How soon they can usually respond
    • How much they charge, e.g., just to look at a plumbing problem
    • How to get ahold of them

If you have a plumbing problem and flooding is occurring or threatened:

  • Secure water near the leak (e.g., under the sink) or at the main valve for the residence
  • Determine if the problem item is still under warranty

If the item is still under warranty:

  • Determine who is permitted to work on the item

If a plumber recommends costly repair(s) or replacement:

  • Get a written estimate including:
  • What will be done
  • Warranty
  • Total cost
  • Get at least one additional estimate from a reputable company


Thanks for reading!