Mowing Grass

Here are some things to consider doing. Some items may not be applicable to you.

If storing mower:

  • Disconnect spark plug when stored to prevent kids from starting it

Well before mowing:

  • Consider getting a mulching mower or getting a mulching blade for the mower you have adds nitrogen to grass better for environment (less grass going to landfill) reduces need for fertilizing you won’t have to deal with clippings

If you need to get gas from a gas station:

Before taking off the cap of the can to avoid an explosion due to static electricity igniting gas fumes:

  • Touch the can to the ground
  • Touch the gas pump nozzle to the can
  • Don’t carry the gas can in the trunk
    • Determine if there is a high risk of wildfires, e.g., dry brush, low humidity, high heat, high winds

If there is a high risk of wildfires:

  • Wait until the risk of wildfires is lower, e.g., first thing in morning when ground is damp

Shortly before mowing:

  • Wait until grass is dry, unless there is a high risk of wildfires
  • Ensure blade is not dull a dull blade make mowing more difficult and stresses the grass
  • Set mowing height to no less than 2 inches cutting grass too short can cause it to grow faster and can encourage growth of weeds – height depends on time of year, grass type and what the grass is used for
  • Fill the fuel tank – you shouldn’t refill the tank when the engine is hot
  • Walk through entire area to be mowed to check for items and debris (e.g., stones, twigs) which could be thrown by the mower and injure someone and/or could damage the mower
  • Ensure all guards are in place
  • Ensure there will be no people, especially children, too close to the operating mower
  • Wear:

    • Protective shoes
    • Long pants
    • Safety glasses
    • Ear plugs

While mowing:

  • Never reach under the mower while it’s operating
  • Don’t leave an operating mower unattended
  • Be especially careful on any slopes

If grass is long:

  • Only cut approx. 1/3 of the length at one time
  • If using a riding mower:
  • Drive up and down slopes vice sideways
  • If the engine starts to vibrate:
  • Stop immediately to determine the cause
  • If you run out of fuel:
  • Wait until the engine cools down before refueling


Every few weeks:

  • Check the blades for excessive wear or damage

Twice a year:

  • Sharpen blade


  • Consider having a professional do a full service if you cannot do it yourself

Every two years:

  • Replace blades

Working on your mower:


  • Disconnect the spark plugs


Thanks for reading!