Here are some things to consider doing. Some items may not be applicable to you.

Receiving items:

If you receive mail indicating you may have won a prize:

  • Don’t send money, e.g., to cover handling costs
  • Contact the company and request more information about exactly what prize you’ve won, not just prizes you’re eligible for

If you receive a large number of letters for sweepstakes and/or lotteries:

  • Suspect that you are the target of mail fraud

If you are concerned about receiving a letter bomb:

  • Check the piece of mail for:
    • Evidence of leaks
    • Excessive weight
    • Anything abnormal

If you have an elderly relative or friend who you think is the target of mail scams:

  • Ask a trusted friend to screen their mail for them

Sending items:

If you need to get an item to someone quickly:

  • Consider using an express delivery service

If it’s inconvenient for you to take the item to the post office, etc.:

  • Consider using a delivery service (e.g., Federal Express, UPS)

Before going to post office, etc.:

Take to post office, etc.:

  • Addresses of recipients
  • Phone numbers of recipients for express delivery

Unclaimed funds:

If you receive notification from a company that they can obtain funds for you to which you are entitled but have not claimed:

  • Get your exact previous addresses
  • Contact the states you’ve lived in to determine if they have unclaimed funds in your name

If no states say they have unclaimed funds in your name:

  • Consider using the company which sent you the notice
  • Ensure that company is established
  • Ensure the company only gets paid if they help you obtain unclaimed funds

Unwanted merchandise:

If you receive merchandise you didn’t order:

  • Call the sender and ask them to send you a pre-paid mailer to return the items

Work-at-home offers:

If you receive an offer to participate in a work-at-home business:

  • Be extremely wary most of these ‚Äòopportunities’ are scams which involve high upfront fees, long and hard work and low income


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