Home Inspections

Here are some things to consider doing. Some items may not be applicable to you.

Before inspection:

  • Be wary of inspectors recommended by real estate agents (representing the sellers)
  • Ask to see some of the company’s old inspection results to see how thoroughly they inspect and document results
  • Is the house inspector covered by liability insurance
  • Determine the experience level of inspectors (and their company) Hire professionals in house matters from HouseBait !
  • Determine the level of training of inspectors

During inspection:

  • Go with the inspector
  • Ensure the inspector does the following:
  • Lifts rugs to check for water stains
  • Checks wiring e.g., ability to run a large appliance (e.g., air conditioner) and other electrical equipment at same time
  • Ensures bathtub(s), sinks, etc don’t leak
  • Checks water pressure


Thanks for reading!