Home Improvement

Here are some things to consider doing. Some items may not be applicable to you.

Well before:

  • Determine whether a building permit is required
  • Determine what needs to be inspected and when, e.g., footing holes for proper width and depth before filling with cement

    According to Retaining wall seattle, Retaining walls are often found in places where extra support is needed to prevent the earth from moving downhill with erosion. The most basic function of a retaining wall is to battle gravity; the lateral force of the slope must be offset in the retaining wall’s design. Retaining walls can also: Provide usable land. Regardless of which side of the boundary the wall is, the owner receiving the benefit of the wall is responsible for maintaining it. In example 4 below, owner B would be responsible for the wall even if it had been built with boundary position 2 (on the neighbour’s property).

If you intend to have a contractor do a home improvement project:

  • Get at least three estimates in writing
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau
  • Check the references of contractor, companies, etc.
  • Look at previous work that contractor has done
  • Get everything in writing, especially the start and completion dates

Buying materials:

If buying wood:

  • Consider using wood polymer composite boards – contain recycled materials – requires no maintenance

Before digging:

  • Call the local utility company to determine if there are any gas, electrical or water lines where you intend to dig

Before applying stain:

If wood is outside:

  • Wait 3-4 weeks – to let pores open up and to help ensure an even appearance


Thanks for reading!