Here are some things to consider doing. Some items may not be applicable to you.

Well before guests arrive:

  • Consider taking the herb echinacea – to possibly prevent catching a cold, etc. from the people, especially children, you’re visiting

House guests:

Well before they arrive:

  • Ask guests if there are any special items (e.g., food, toiletries) they would like for you to have available for their visit

Shortly before they arrive:

  • Make following items available for guests:
    • Towels (bath, hand)
    • Wash cloth(s)
    • Blankets
    • Extra pillows
    • Alarm clock
    • Radio
    • Notepad and pen/pencil
    • Soap and shampoo in their bathroom
    • Phone in their room
  • Clean their room
  • In their room, make some room in drawers and closets for their things
  • Clean out vehicles – if guests will be riding in or driving them

After they arrive:

  • Give them keys to the house, vehicles, etc.
  • Give them the code for security system(s)
  • Demonstrate alarms (e.g., smoke, carbon monoxide, security) so they know what they sound like
  • Show/tell them where extra blankets, towels, etc. are
  • Show them how to adjust heater and/or air conditioner
  • Show them how to open windows, etc.
  • Show them exit routes in the event of a fire, etc.
  • Tell them how to use the phone, e.g., dial "1" first
  • Turn off ringer for phone in their room
  • Offer local maps, brochures, tour books, etc.


Thanks for reading!