Flat Tires

Here are some things to consider doing. Some items may not be applicable to you.

To make it easier to change a flat tire:


  • Put a breaker bar (also known as a four-way) in your vehicle – makes it easier to loosen tight lug nuts
  • Ensure you have a jack, and the wrench to operate it, in your vehicle

When you have tires rotated, etc.:

  • Tell the mechanic that you want the lug nuts torqued to manufacturer’s specifications
    Lazy mechanics often tighten lug nuts too tight with automatic tools
  • Ask the mechanic to use a torque wrench to ensure all lug nuts are tightened evenly
    Unevenly tightened lug nuts can cause uneven and dangerous braking, especially with disc brakes


  • Ensure your spare tire is properly inflated


Thanks for reading!