Here are some things to consider doing. Some items may not be applicable to you.


  • Keep teeth clean with brushing (use toothpaste designed for cats and consider using a finger toothbrush), sprays, chewable pills, hard food and/or chewable toys
  • Clean ears with cotton balls, etc. (avoid cleaning ears with cotton swabs) approx. every 1-2 weeks — swabs can push wax, etc. further into the ear canal
  • Use a shampoo designed for cats

If cat misbehaves (e.g., aggressive):

  • Try to spend more time with your cat — many cats misbehave when they are bored or stressed
  • Provide sufficient toys

If cat scratches furniture:

  • Try to avoid declawing your cat — it hurts the cat, and it will make it difficult for your cat to defend itself (e.g., by climbing to avoid predators) if it gets outside
  • Use a scratching post and put catnip on it


Thanks for reading!